What is Primal Fitness?

Your body (and brain) evolved for movement – your genes are programmed for a life of walking, running, jumping, climbing, lifting, carrying and throwing.

Our modern lives, however, have become sedentary – we sit down at a computer all day at work, sit in traffic during the commute, and sit in front of the TV during our leisure time.

Primal Fitness is an antidote to the modern lifestyle.

You may barely be aware of the fact, but your body is yearning to move – it wants to get out into the world and explore: Explore its environment, and explore its own capabilities.

Years of being conditioned to sit down and stay still – in school, at home, in college, in the office – have led to many of us forgetting that urge to let loose and run free, like an animal that has spent it’s life in a cage and lost its natural instincts.

This need and desire to move is not gone forever though, merely deeply buried, awaiting to be reawakened with the right stimulus.

Don’t just survive, thrive!

We are told that we must “exercise”, in order to keep our hearts healthy and avoid disease.

Here at Primal Fitness, however, we are not content with merely exercising and avoiding disease.

Primal Fitness is about maximising your genetic potential, becoming strong, fit, agile and energised.

It is about living life to the full right here and now.

Health is the ability to live your dreamsMoshé Feldenkrais