Eat Primal 5 Week Challenge – Week 2 – Cut Out Snacks

There is no need to snack. The idea of eating little and often is simply marketing hype intended to sell more products!

More often than not we snack out of boredom or habit, rather than true hunger.

To make things worse, most of the foods we snack on are full of sugar, fake fat, and additives, with no real nutrition, even those that purport to be “healthy”.

Snacks are a major source of excess calories

Snacks can be a major source of excess calories

Remove temptation by engineering your enviroment to be a snack free zone. Do not have crisps, buiscuits or the like in your cupboards at home, or in your office drawer. If there’s a vending machine at work, try and make sure you never have the correct change!

Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner well. If you’ve eaten a good meal packed full of protein and veggies, and know you have another one coming soon, it will make resisting the urge to snack much easier.

If you are really struggling with cravings, try a cup of tea or coffee (no sugar!), or if you are genuinely hungry and can’t wait till your next meal, have a piece fresh of fruit or a handful of plain nuts (not a whole bag!).

Good luck with week 2, and don’t forget to keep us posted on Twitter and/or Facebook!

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