New Updated Eat Primal Challenge for 2016

I first launched the Eat Primal Challenge in 2012, as a way to help people gradually and systematically improve their diet quality one step at a time.

Usually, people try and completely change their diets, all at once.

While this can provide great short-term results, it’s often unsustainable, and people end up “falling off the wagon” and returning to their old ways.

The Eat Primal Challenge involves making one small, but significant change to your eating habits at a time.

In isolation, each change may not seem like much, but when they are all added together they will pay your health, fitenss and wellbeing dividends!

Once a change has become part of your routine, and is no longer a challenge, it’s time for the next one. We suggest making one change per week, though you can take longer if you find the change a struggle.

Overall, I think that the original challenge has stood the test of time, however 4 years down the line, advancements in nutritional science and my own personal experiences have prompted me to slightly revise the original plan – there’s always room for improvement, and my views on a few areas have changed somewhat.

The major change is that it is now the Eat Primal 5 Week Challenge, not an 8 week challenge.

I still believe incremental changes are the best way to overhaul your diet in a manner which is sustainable, but equally, combining a couple of the steps can give you more bang for your buck from the outset, which in turn can increase motivation and adherance.

We’re here to support you

Even broken down into 5 steps, making changes to your diet can be tough, but don’t worry we’re here to support you.

If you’re on twitter follow @PrimalFitness and we’ll always be there to give you the advice and encouragement you need. Use the hashtag #EatPrimal5WC to post your successes and struggles, and to lend support and encouragement to other members of #teamprimal.

Alternatively, if you’re more of a Facebook Fan, follow the challenge on our Facebook Page

Track your progress

If your goal is fat loss, take some measurements now so you can track your progress – we’d recommend not only weighing yourself, but also taking a tape measure measurement around your waist and/or hips. Ensure you always use the same scales, and measure the same spot (using the belly button as a reference is a good idea). Just measure once per week, at the same time of day, ideally in the morning when you first get up.

Remember though, these dietary changes are not just for weight-loss – following a Primal type diet can help you feel better in yourself, improve digestive health, give you more energy, improve immune function and reduce inflammation (now thought to be the underlying cause of many modern lifestyle diseases).

Without further ado, checkout Week 1 of the new 5 week #EatPrimal5WC here!

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