Fridays Primal Links – 16-09-2011

Good morning Primal People!

I hope I find you all well on this fine(ish) Friday morning.

Before I get into this Friday’s Primal Links, I wanted to share with you my experience of working with yesterday. BTCV are an environmental charity, that organise teams of volunteers to help on conservation projects in your local area.

Yesterday I went with a group of like minded individuals to help in a “pond creation” project at Gower Hey Wood in North Manchester. It turned out to be a proper Primal workout, kneed deep in thick sticky mud, digging all day. It was a serious workout – Like a 6 hour Primal bootcamp! Not wanting to scare anyone off however, there were plenty of other jobs to choose from – It was my own Primal insanity that made me opt to stay in the hole shovelling all day! Check out some photos HERE.

They will be back at the site next week, Tuesday to Thursday, so if anyone wants to come and pitch in, using their Primal Power for a good cause give me a shout or contact them directly. If not, check the volunteer section of the website for details of other projects all across the country ranging from weeding to dry stone walling.

Anyway, onto the links:

Primal Reads:

Fish is good for you yes? But what about the mercury? So you find a fish that’s high in omega 3 and protein, low in mercury, but then is it sustainable? Fortunately, Whole9 have put together an excellent guide to choosing the best fish for your plate:

The Whole9 Seafood Trifecta

Very interesting article which totally debunks the myth of “starvation mode” and the need to eat lots of regular meals:

Starvation Mode – Why You Probably Never Need to Worry About it

I posted a link to a podcast with Dr William Davis on the many problems of Wheat last week, but as I know many people prefer to read articles, I thought some of you may prefer to read this interview here:

Interview with Dr William Davis, author of Wheat Belly

Primal Eats:

Bacon Wrapped Figs – ‘Nuff said!

Bacon Wrapped Figs

Primal Podcasts:

Check out this interview with Dr Kurt Harris on the Robb Wolf Paleo Solution show. I think Dr Harris is one of the most reasoned voices in the paleoish community.

Interview with Dr Kurt Harris

Primal Vids:

Some more inspiration – 62″ box jump!

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