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  1. Mackay Rippey

    You are spot on. I’m lucky enough to have a small herd of American Milking Devons and until it gets too cold to milk, my family and I are enjoying the benefits of whole raw milk. It has a slightly yellow tinge from the butter fat and an amazing taste.

    If you have a dairy intolerance, give raw milk a try.

  2. Milla

    I haven’t got a problem with lactose, so I ‘do’ dairy, but I try to limit it. I don’t drink milk; I don’t particularly enjoy it or get any satisfaction from it, and cream is a lot nicer in coffee. I go for cream, and fermented, full-fat, predominantly raw when I can find it, and I love artisan cheeses. Brie de Meaux, which is always unpasteurised, is quite easily found these days (saw it at M&S a couple of days before, along with some Taleggio D.O.P) but my favourite place for cheese is Neal’s Yard Dairy. Get into Covent Garden and just follow your nose 😉 if you can’t smell the Stinky Bishop, it’s near Holland & Barrett just off Neal’s Street! 🙂 Laverstoke Park Farm (the organic buffalo people) also have an unpasteurized buffalo mozarella you can get from Waitrose or online. I’ve never seen raw kefir; in fact, the only place I saw kefir was at Whole Foods Soho, and that was the first time I saw it sold outside of Russia! Lots of people in the UK haven’t tried Ryazhenka, which is fermented baked milk, but I can find it in most Eastern European shops. There’s one near Waterloo 😀


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