Paleo Meat Boxes

What do cows eat?

Most people would answer grass, as would a cow if it could speak.

Unfortunately cows can’t speak (If only they could), so they have been unable to protest against the growing trend to feed them corn, wheat and soy.

Just like humans, cows are not meant to eat any of these crops.  The result is that they get fat and ill, just like people do.  Fat cows make for fat profits, which is why this practice has become commonplace, but it also makes for inferior meat, with dire health consequences.

When cows get fat on an unnatural diet of wheat/corn/soy, the extra fat they store is predominantly in the form on polyunsaturated omega 6 fats.  These fats are highly inflammatory, and it is an over abundance of these omega 6 fats in the human diet that are contributing to the rapidly declining health of the population.

If this weren’t bad enough, feeding cows starchy foods combined with over crowding and sloppy slaughtering practices has led to the evolution of new deadly strains of E.Coli, making every burger a potential dice with death!

If you care about your health, animal welfare and the environment, factory farmed, grain fed meat should be strictly off the menu.

Fortunately, there are still some farmer’s out there who take pride in their profession, and are committed to producing top quality meat, from well looked after animals that are able to roam freely and eat a natural diet.

Grass fed beef is not only low in omega 6, but it is packed with good fats including omega 3, CLA and healthy saturated fats.  Gram for gram its higher in protein, and contains significantly more vitamin E and carotenes.

The benefits don’t end there either – It tastes so much better too!

Our paleo meat boxes are made up from the finest cuts of meat from animals reared in the hills of Lancashire – Grass fed beef, pastured pork, hill grazed lambs and free range chickens.

By sourcing our meat from a local farm we can trust, we not only ensure top quality meat and high welfare standards, but also minimise any environmental impact.  There is no deforestation, water wastage or air miles involved in our Paleo boxes!

Just as we don’t want our animals to eat wheat, we don’t want you to either, therefore all our burgers and sausages are wheat and gluten free, for a totally paleo/primal dining experience.

We have a range of boxes available to suit all tastes, budgets and appetites.  Please browse out secure on-line store here to view the full range by clicking the Primal Store tab above or following this LINK.

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